German Fashion In The Spotlight

Especially for men in southern Germany, this was usually a traditional alpine hat made of felt or wool, with a border around the head. Although usually similar in basic structure, the style and flowering of the Dirndl varied slightly from region to region. The Frisian Tracht, for example, had one of the most distinctive styles in northern Germany. Used to show the wealth of the family, it was elaborate and opulent, decorated with jewelry, metals and other expensive materials. Their clean and carefree style gives them an attitude that is unique and attractive. Other than that, outerwear plays a big role in earning fashion points with every look.

In earlier times, each attempt identified a person as belonging to a particular group in terms of social and legal status, ancestry, or trade. Today, the term is used to describe any garment reminiscent of the clothing of rural communities. For men, there is a wide range of woolen cardigans and cardigans that replace thin cotton and linen shirts. Some men opt for smart blazers instead, but these are usually more expensive.

I appreciate that my pants are extremely well cut, the high-quality suits that my German colleagues wear and of course our shirts. But that doesn’t mean I’m smaller in any way to international fashion designers, I’m just a fan of German fashion and I recognize its benefits. The rise of fashion is largely a social process, born of a certain period.

It is not uncommon in Bavaria to see young women wearing one on weekends, at a wedding or at a family birthday party. Modern materials and patterns and a large number of new and young designers breathe new life into the garment. Undoubtedly, fashion-conscious people around the world faint for the style of German men. Berlin is a hub for creative industries and startups, which means that professionals in this field are spotted on the street and effortlessly nail style. Berlin is therefore one of the fashion capitals of the world, known for the impeccable sense of clothing of its people. The cobblestone streets of German cities make men opt for tough footwear, such as sneakers and boots, all in dark and neutral colors.

There are at least six major regional variations with more minor variations and local styles. Lederhosen can be short, only up to the thigh, knickerbocker style, or reach the ankles. They are equipped with a bib with deer horn buttons and are worn with H-shaped straps over the shirt. What may seem strange costumes to the uninitiated follows a more or less strict tradition and code.

The sophisticated pea coat has also found its way through German street style, usually in a navy blue color. For rainy weather that is quite unpredictable, you should have a light raincoat. Berlin is a fashion center that attracts fashion-conscious tourists from all over the world.

These pants were worn with shirts and sweaters made of thick linen or wool. Other garments in combination with the trousers were woolen stockings and country shoes. They choose elegant leather jackets Moser Trachtenwelt tailored for men, fitted jackets, parkas or windbreakers for their street style or relaxed casual looks. When it comes to blazers, they are generally not structured without chest pockets.

Simple shapes were also often used by working women in solid colors or a simple check. If you’ve been to Oktoberfest, which is celebrated all over the world, you’ll be familiar with lederhosen and dirndls. These are usually knee-high and are historically worn by working-class German men wearing rustic shoes and wool socks. Leather pants used in the Bavarian region had features such as suspenders and front fins, and these were quickly adopted by other countries.

Within our country, creative minds respond to a trend and express it through their products and workpieces. We, as in the fashion industry, therefore call designers, who possess the skills and antennae to receive and reflect these impulses in their work. It could be a particular mood for life that has captured people, or a specific cultural event such as music, movies, idols, or superstars. Take, for example, the huge impact that the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby had, each collection suddenly seemed to echo the film and channel the 1920s.

Many German men like to dress in the Punk/Grunge style, with trends such as checks, messy hairstyle, necklaces, and a strong preference for black clothing that is a common sight. Apart from that, the style of German men is usually casually elegant, with many layers. Not caring much about fashion and preferring comfort doesn’t mean they’re okay with being lazy all the time. But it certainly means that in the modern German clothing style, you can wear a luxury sweatshirt and jeans sportswear outfit as evening wear, and Berlin passersby won’t blink. Unstructured jackets are the norm in Germany, but not overly loose silhouettes.