New Tech and Web Trends In 2011

Trends in innovation and web technologies are as unpredictable as anything else, and maybe even more so. However, some trends are already emerging, some have been ubiquitous for a year or more. Technological advances, attitudes and convergences of devices, websites, personal technologies and smart applications will occur. The following topics and interesting places, among many others, will certainly be relevant in 2011.

Sites –
In 2011, the sites will still have a lot of white space, but with bold typography and amazing colors. More than ever, websites will reflect all other elements of the company’s branding standards. Bold and dynamic images will be used to attract and invite visitors. Large images create a visual effect that the visitor will not soon forget. In 2011, web designers will be more comfortable using these visual statements in their design to convey the tone of the site.

Social media –
Facebook will continue to dominate. With the financial support of Goldman-Sachs, there is no doubt that Facebook’s continued dominance will continue, and more and more companies will seek to expand their online presence by opening a Facebook page. Another new trend is the use of Meta Tools, which can be used to post messages on various social networks. Almost all new popular social tools support Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, etc.

Search the Internet –
Constant change is the only thing that remains the same for Google in 2011. As Google seeks to expand its revenue streams and continue to monetize search, new changes are inevitable. Competition in favor of Google always comes and goes, but this year there are a few legitimate alternatives to consider. Bing, Yandex and DuckDuckGo all mean much more need because people don’t want to be forced to use Google. Blekko, an advanced search system, will be increasingly used by SEO professionals and practitioners.

Blog –
Tumblr’s mini-blogging service quickly became one of the largest social sites, displacing its main competitor It’s also easier to use, and its web design is more optimized than that of Blogger and WordPress. Spam, security vulnerabilities and constant hacker attacks are commonplace in WordPress. The introduction of Google Buzz in 2010 continued to blur the lines between blogging and the use of social media. It seems that the sharing of content and blogging has finally merged.

Personal technology –
Constant connectivity will be the main focus. With the advent of terms such as “MiFi” in our everyday life, and with the proliferation of 4G networks along with embedded wireless data, the concept of “anywhere on the network” emerged. These factors, combined with the advent of touch panels and the continued use of netbooks, mark a new era of computers without mice and keyboards. The number of smartphone users will continue to grow, and the ability to connect to the Internet will be ubiquitous. More and more apps will still be available to smartphone users. The connection theme will continue in new forms. Smartphones can control your home devices, integrate with your car’s processor, and connect to your home devices. Soon you will be able to run the dishwasher and dry clothes without even being at home.

As technologies, their products and services enter the market faster, this trend should not be changed any time soon. Stay compatible and collaborate while keeping up with new innovations and product updates. Technology continues to enable us all to interact and access more and more information.

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