Risks of Collaborating With Customers in the Digital Age of Twitter – Leaking of New Tech

When it comes to innovation, there are two perspectives as to where you can get innovative products. Traditionally, it was thought that you should interview all your customers and ask them what they want, and they will tell you, and you will produce it, and they will buy it. Unfortunately, this technique does not always work. Why are you asking that?

It’s just because if you ask people in the 1950s what innovations they’d like to get on the phone, they could tell you they’d like another way to call so as not to hurt their fingers. They wouldn’t tell you that they need a GPS smartphone connected to a non-existent Internet, and that they can make calls with voice recognition or voice recognition. Do you understand this point?

In other words, the consumer may not really know what he wants, and it takes a creative genius who thinks outside the box, or a team of superstar innovators to come up with something so new, so revolutionary, that everyone will even buy it. . even if they didn’t know they wanted it until you reached the market.

Now there is another inherent problem of partnering with your customers in the digital age of Twitter. And this; Is it safe to ask your customers what they want and start a frank discussion with them, because the first thing they do is advertise what you say on their blogs, or they write it to all their friends.

Even if you have a group of beta testers who are trying out a new product, they will go ahead and reveal it to the world by notifying all of their Twitter followers in 0.0623 seconds. So you see the risks of working with customers. The first risk is that they don’t know what they want, the second risk is that they tell the world about it. I hope you take that into account.

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