This false insurance gives teenagers the idea that it is safe to have premarital sex, while abstinence education focuses on abstinence is the only way to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Some people, especially parents and religious groups, disagree with extensive sex education because they think it violates their cultural or religious values and think it can have a corrupting influence on children. They say that by providing teenagers with this kind of information, you support and encourage sex and risks. Some opponents also argue that this kind of information should be left to parents to teach their children and should not be taught in schools.

However, there is an ongoing debate about the benefits and obstacles to the provision of sex education in schools. It means that it not only offers different professionals, but also has a list of disadvantages. Proponents argue that abstinence education is superior because it emphasizes the doctrine of morality or “correct” behavior by limiting sex to the limits of marriage. Society disapproves of premarcial sex and education about abstinence teaches that sex carries emotional risks. In 1940, the American PHC. USA He had made a strong statement about its importance. Most of the sex education given to students is during physical education or health classes.

Or at least offer it as an elective for interested people who want more knowledge of it. Not everyone may want to take it, because in some schools across the country, students can leave a parent-approved sexual education lesson, which is there as an American because of the first amendment to the constitution. It is clear from the term sex sex doll realistic education that this information is in fact about people’s sexual behavior. Somewhere in the world, parents, caregivers or schools offer sex education in schools that enter adolescence. If formally considered a full high school course, the level of high school or its chapters can be added in the fields of health, home economics or biology.

In addition, 24 percent of boys and 16 percent of girls had not received sex education before having sex for the first time. Where pregnancy in adolescents can disrupt education and other life options, sex education can reduce unwanted pregnancy. Sex education programs have been shown to be effective in slowing down first sexual intercourse and increasing the use of contraception among sexually active young people.

Teenagers who receive information about the sex of friends more often take on liberal sexual attitudes. On the other hand, those who have acquired the same knowledge of parents and teachers are less likely to participate in sexual activities . In many parts of the world, government officials, school leaders, teachers and parents are not convinced of the need for sex education and are reluctant to provide it because they are believed to promote sexual activity. Often people are unwilling to share these issues with their parents, but they feel more comfortable talking to their teachers about sex education classes. High school is when sex education can focus more on anatomical facts and sexual health.

I am here to advocate for comprehensive sex education programs rather than just abstinence programs. “Specific Sexual Editing” is based on the idea that public health improves when students have the right to learn more about their sexuality and make responsible decisions about it. Research shows that it works to reduce teenage pregnancy, postpone when teens become sexually active and reduce the number of sexual partners teenagers have.

Birth control education increases the likelihood that teenagers will protect themselves. However, women under the age of 21 become more likely to become pregnant with contraception such as the pill and patch, according to a 2014 article published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The risk is that sexual education lessons do not teach teenagers enough how to use contraception well, such as taking the pill at the same time every day, increasing effectiveness. The key to effectiveness is the implementation of comprehensive sex education, which can reduce the risks of teenage pregnancy.

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