The New Tech Art Porsche Cayman With COR Wheels

Since the 1990s, Porsche has significantly expanded its lineup. To increase sales, the company has developed a new sports car, SUV, sports sedan and another sports coupe, the Cayman, in addition to its 911 model. One of the most underrated models in the lineup is Cayman. The small sports coupe with the average engine layout is now in the third generation and is either in the shadow of the 911 or ignored due to the lack of a soft top, like the Boxster. The TechArt team has not forgotten Cayman and has developed a new modernization program designed to improve both appearance and performance by adding a touch of style. The new upgrade program includes new aerodynamic bodywork, exhaust system variants, a new cor Wheels wheel setting and even interior elements to create an individual sports car.

The new TechArt Porsche Cayman upgrade program is available for both the basic version and the Model S sports car. The entire exterior has become more dynamic, sculptural and aerodynamically more efficient thanks to a new body kit developed in a wind tunnel. Includes a new front bumper with enlarged air intakes and a spoiler to create downforce. Each of the side mirrors has been replaced with thinner and new skirts added to guide the air from the rear COR wheels. In the rear of the car, the TechArt team installed a new bumper with a diffuser insertion on which several different nozzles can be installed, as well as a new spoiler on the trunk, which is automatically activated at high speed to create greater downforce.

However, the appearance was not over. The TechArt team modified the chassis to make the Cayman more maneuverable. The team installed a new sports suspension system that works in tandem with the PASM factory to reduce the overall road clearance by 25 mm and increase the stiffness of the spring. The engineering team decided to install forged COR discs with a three-piece design and mesh. The wheels are 8.5 x 20 at the front and 10.0 x 20 at the rear and are equipped with high-quality Continental tyres for additional grip.

Both six-cylinder engines can be equipped with a new exhaust system. Customers can choose either a valve-driven stainless steel system that transfers even more power to the rear wheels of COR Wheels, or a sports silencer that gives The Cayman a more sporty sound without extra power.

Inside, customers have the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere thanks to the Team Saddle TechArt. The team will install a variety of leather, sewing, edging and other equipment of different colors to satisfy the tastes of customers.

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