MLM in the 21st Century – Old Tech Vs New Tech or Old AND New?

It is true that new technologies have been a godsend for working on your business… but most people use them very poorly and they will affect their future income!

For those who want to create a network marketing team, the basic methods of the 20th century have not changed. The phone remains the most important tool for building your command. The difference from the good old days is that you can now use your mobile phone to call anyone and anywhere for a fixed amount per month. In the 1980s and 1990s, a network phone bill could easily exceed $1,000 a month!

By combining 20th century techniques with faster and cheaper 21st century tools, you can earn much more revenue for YOU!

The challenge is to prevent beginners from using the tools incorrectly. The charm of “fast enrichment” on the Internet is what I see almost every day. I’m sad to see so many people with potential doing the wrong thing because they just don’t know anything better or worse because their sponsor or their superiors have put this root of “get rich quick” right in front of them. . This does a terrible disservice to both sides and prevents the success and growth that is possible when you combine proven methods with cutting-edge technologies.

Bottom line: if you want to create a team and get a residual income in network marketing, you still need:

Make a list of everyone you know, who you communicate with, go to school, professionals, etc.

Learn how to invite on the phone or in person, depending on the tools at your disposal

Learn the “art of tracking” your higher-ranking organizations and get to know your business system

Collaborate with your sponsors/leaders upstream and conduct tripartite interviews

Duplicate with your lower

Your use of new technology tools can greatly improve the five key elements listed above. You can now send information via email or other forms of direct communication so that your potential customer can immediately see the tools you and your team have chosen without waiting for news or videos (remember?!) in the mail.

If you’re an old-school network marketer, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! If you are a network marketer for a “new school,” rejoice that those waiting days and huge phone bills are behind you. However, don’t think that the old, proven methods of building your network marketing business no longer work – they definitely work… the difference is that now you can reach more people who are interested in what you should be doing. ever before, and whether they can get this information faster and cheaper than before. Make sure you keep using what has always worked: phone and tracking!

Another obligatory element in this puzzle is the few important parts that are in place… and some that are out of place! What could I say? Read more…

You should have a very simple registration program that will help everyone step by step.

You need a simple plan to grow your business, and it should be taught to all distributors.

You should stay away from administration, training, sales support, website building, etc., because whenever you deviate from your core practice of creating methods and when you become “creative,” you deviate from a simple “system” on the spot. over time, hinder your growth and freedom. Not only that, when your subordinates see that you are doing it, they will think that they should do it too, and it will prevent your business from growing. However, you think you have to manage your team, don’t. This does not mean that you should stop supporting them by supporting them, but you should “break the thread” and allow them to go on their own and create their own commands through the duplication process you have taught them.

Remember, whatever you say, your team will do what you do. If they see that you are cruel and constantly on the move, hold meetings, call on the phone, etc., they will do so too. The opposite is also true: if they see you taking a break, doing tools or materials, etc., they will do the same too. You just need to be a good example for your team so that there can be proper duplication and that your team (and your control!) continue to grow. To do this, you need your business to be REALLY, and if you do, your check will increase.

Keep actively promoting and managing your business and make sure your team sees what you’re doing. Don’t post on Facebook how you spent the day and went fishing – post on Facebook how you were awake until 10pm and continued to chat until everything was done and did not go to bed while you do! It’s what it takes to show your downline – that you work as hard or harder than them. Ask them to make themselves work harder if they want to try to catch up with you and catch up with you. Never let them know if you decide from time to time to take your foot off the accelerator pedal… they don’t need to know – everything they need to know about the fact that you work really hard all the time!






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