New Tech Firm Now Offering Hiberation-Cryonic Services to Sleep Through Recession

Yes, it would be great to give it up. The futuristic website offers glimpses of the “advertising of the future” and one of their funniest commercials is a press release by 2050 that promises to help you survive the recession and wake you up when it’s over. Here’s how it works.

First, you pay them a fee to keep you alive in a deep sleep in a cryocare until the recession is over, you have to pay an advance, which can be difficult for a person who lost his job during the impending economic downturn.

Secondly, after your hibernation takes about 3 years, but can last up to 10 years, you will wake up and undergo a series of medical tests, examinations and exercises on muscles stimulated by electric shock.

Third, you will be informed of what is going on; Who’s the president, about all the innovations, the laws, the tax changes, the discoveries, the wars that came and go, and the two- or three-hour video of the highlights of each year while you sleep.

Fourth, you will be handed over to the company after signing several rejections with your digital signature.

Some commenters on this futuristic website say, “Sign up! I want to avoid this recession!” for aging charged a small price, you’ll be eighth of the norm, so if you’re in cryocamper for eight years, your body will be one year old, but your body won’t be toxic and you’ll lose weight, which means your chances of living longer are even longer than the year you were supposedly lost when you got older. Think about it.






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